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“HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” This morning before getting out of bed, I lay there for a few extra minutes. My eyes shut and a silent prayer to my Heavenly Father. My prayer included all the Thanks I could think of  for granting me the special blessings of being a mom. I have 3 beautiful children. I am […]

Why have we waited so long to do a Scavenger hunt? My youngest child, Devyn (we call him D) loves nothing more than to be a scout. He attends scouts when mom remembers the meetings and on the in-between-days when we are actually on a set schedule and not traveling. He’s the one that goes adorned in […]

This morning as I sit at the kitchen table I couldn’t help but realize how comfortable I felt. The smells, the lighting the daily routine that all is well and today is a new day. I can hear the family getting ready to go about their ways… I don’t generally make breakfast. If you know […]