Awe! My favorite time of year! September, October and November are the most inspiring times of year for me! I absolutely love the colors, smells and the feel in the air. This chilly morning my husband and I took our 2 year old lab down to the lake near our home. She ran so hard and fast I couldn’t quite get any good images of her without a blur or her tongue hanging out. It was so good to see her smile! I live for these kinds of memories with my husband. He knows I’m always happy when we go for a walk..<3



Anytime I make him breakfast I continue to March or Dance behind the counter while he eats. Straight across from Him..Goofy moves. Goofy Faces the whole works.

He’s 14. He wants to laugh I can tell, but then how cool would you be if you let your mom know she’s cracking you up??

I think every 14 year old boy needs to remember that they are just that 14! It’s o.k. to be goofy instead of Cool. It’s o.k. to laugh at your mom and her laugh at you!  It’s a rough through those teen years..  being a kid and yet expected to start acting like an adult.

Today while he was practicing his Saxaphone and getting ready for his Marching Band practice I came down the stairs Marching. Knees High. Awkward. And Slow so I didn’t biff it on the way down. By the time I reached the end of the stairs he gave in. That 14 year old teenager couldn’t hold back and started to laugh. His words exactly…” Mom! HAHAHA…that’s not even how you do it! ”

I love these days. I treasure them. I remember when I was 14. I remember when I wanted to still act like a kid but my grouchy teenager attitude started kicking in and I thought moms and dads didn’t know anything. I remember I was always dancing and always being goofy. My mom encouraged it. She would join in and laugh or record me on those old fashioned VHS Camcorders. I love those memories. I love that she let me just be me. I guess thats why I’m 43 and still marching down the stairs..haha.

I had a million things I needed to get done this morning and actually I needed to be out of town. But, what’s more important than this day and these memories.

Nothing, it can all wait…. Being 14 can’t.







There’s Just something about Sundays that always makes me feel a little nostalgic..I either want to curl up on my bed and write, read or go out and explore. It’s like I get that little girl feeling I used to have when my mom would send me to my room and I became creative to pass the time.. Except, now I do it grown up style.

One of my favorite things to do is get outside..preferably the Mountains.

Now living in a new area, I feel like I am lost. Not in such a bad way, but in a sense of I don’t know where I’m at, what I like, or where to go. I guess I feel a little out of sorts. New people. New Places. Unknown Surroundings.

I’m trying to embrace it without freaking out.. because although I like adventure  I really hate not having control of my situation ( I’m a control freak ).

I dislike the fact that I can’t just say ” hey lets pack up and go to Lily Lake today its a great place for___ … it will take us exactly ____ to get there and you will love the ____…..etc

Life lessons…I’m 43 and still learning them.



New ideas.

New Firsts.

New Roads.

Letting go of the old.

Moving one step at a time….

**Photos** A gorgeous little lake named ” Lily Lake”. It’s about 10 minutes outside of Estes park. The view is beautiful. The trail is small, it goes only around the lake. Families like to stroll here. A sweet older couple were viewing the lake from a wooden bench tucked in the trees. One guy thoroughly enjoyed his fishing. There’s Geese, Squirrels, Birds and tons of beautiful wild flowers.

Devyn and I strayed off the path because I always have to  see what I might be missing out on…LOOK at These gorgeous views of the valley just over the hill! I set the camera up to get photos of us together. I think it’s been about 4 years since we did a little hike together. Devyn likes to hold the camera and insisted he take my picture on the way back. He picked all my flowers. Told me to give him my Biggest Smiles. ( I lol at that)!

He started to hum the church songs we sang earlier in the day as he ventured off with my camera for a bit. I just sat on the bench and watched him..growing up..becoming an awesome young man.. and helping me realize a 14 year old can show a 43 year old how to just Live For the Moment.




This morning before getting out of bed, I lay there for a few extra minutes. My eyes shut and a silent prayer to my Heavenly Father. My prayer included all the Thanks I could think of  for granting me the special blessings of being a mom. I have 3 beautiful children. I am so thankful for the happiness, sadness, accomplishments, trials, worry, laughter and lessons they have brought to my life. With them, I have found stregnth I would have never known I had,  what it truly means to sacrifice a part of yourself and love another human being so deeply.

To all the moms out there..Take a moment of silence. Reflect upon your blessings. Thank your mom you are here.

And have a very “loved and peaceful” mothers day ~~

From my yard to yours xoxoxo.




Why have we waited so long to do a Scavenger hunt? My youngest child, Devyn (we call him D) loves nothing more than to be a scout. He attends scouts when mom remembers the meetings and on the in-between-days when we are actually on a set schedule and not traveling. He’s the one that goes adorned in the whole Scout Shirt, Scarf and complete outfit when he could get by with just his jeans and t-shirt for the weekly get together meeting. D pretty much takes things very seriously and to heart. Yet he can make you laugh for days just having a conversation with him. 

I love the outdoors also. So why haven’t I thought of or been productive enough to put together a Scavenger Hunt before? mmm…probably because I always figured that was what those scout classes are for.. Well, yesterday during church we quietly got out of piece of paper and made a list of God’s creations..Devyn’s eyes lit up when I said “after church lets do a scavenger hunt”…I could see his mind racing! Honestly, I’m surprised the whole scout shirt, scarf, medallion thing wasn’t brought up. 

When we arrived at our location he jumped out of the car, grabbed our box and took off. He was randomly dragging sticks and rocks and leaves as fast as he could. I hated to burst his bubble, but I didn’t drive that whole way to be finished in 1.2 seconds.. I mentioned, “D this is all great and everything but maybe over across the field there’s things we can’t see”. He paused for a moment, and questioned whether or not we wanted to walk that far. lol…”Sure we do, I said,  there’s nothing to hurry home for and besides, you’ll never know unless you try”. Along our walk we discussed our list, we discovered that the Red Berry Bush mom reached up to grab was full of long pointy thorns! The milkweed I remembered finding as a child was cool, but made my fingers stick together, so that running my camera became a chore. Not sure, if the berries we found were edible or poisonous..It was obvious I wasn’t a scout leader! But, I was trying to be a Scouts mom. I think that was all that mattered that day. Sneaking up on the deer, catching our reflection in the muddy puddle and getting rained on. He was so proud. He dragged the large fire stick, box and jar full of water to the car. I Love him!  I loved our adventure together. I loved even more that I made it happen. I stepped out of my comfort zone, out of the house and in to an 11 year old boys world. <3






I love to garden…I love to be  alone. in. complete . silence…and sometimes I love to visit, dance and have a fun gathering with friends around the backyard yard is my sanctuary and I’ve waited a LONG 10 years to enjoy this moment!

Of course every spring I am excited to groom and manicure a small portion of our sprawling 40 acres.. However, I will admit it takes a grueling 6 weeks in a row to trim and bring back to life my perfect piece of heaven..and unfortunately I find myself wishing I had 1/10 of what lies before me. We call it Schnauzer land. Our adorable 3 Schnauzers own the place. They have a foot trail that leads to the birds that are trying to make their nests in our back yard. I’m not sure there has been a successful batch of birds take flight in 10 years, inspite of our great measures to secure them from theSchnauzers. 

As for my beloved Apple Trees. I planted these roughly 10 years ago. I’ve wagered with myself a few times whether I should chop the poor things down and replace them, or continue to see if they pull through and let me have the glory of saying, I have successful Fruit Trees! Our family has come to a new crossroads this year. Over the years the kids have grown, graduated, married and are moving on now in different directions. Work has changed and My husband and I have struggled with the decision of leaving this magical piece of us behind, or try to hang on to it. There are so many memories, firsts and a lot of love that was put into this place..I struggle with our decision..I have literally planted roots not only in my home here but in my piece of heaven outside. A piece of me is in every corner.  After coming home during a month of our transition in moving I came home to this…

I was in awe. No words can describe my feelings. I go outside each day now, until I leave again, to look and just take it all in. I don’t want to pick them. I want to bask in all their Glory. I  want them to last forever! But deep down I know they will let go of all their beauty and it will be time for me to clean it up and move on. 

I think a part of me realizes that they in turn are letting me go. That I have successfully planted and accomplished all that I can here. That all the beauty, memories, stories and firsts may have come to an end. But only in this place.  Perhaps it is time for me to start over somewhere new. Do it all again. Plant my roots and watch them grow.  <3






AHH…Yess!  I’ve waited roughly 4 years to update to these beauties! Welcome to my little family of lenses and bags..For you Photographer Enthusiasts it doesn’t get much better than this! I’ve been comfortably using my Canon 5DMarkIII ( updated here ) , 24-70mm 2.8 and 70-200mm for pretty much everything I do. But now, its about to get easier and better. I used only my new 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.2 for last nights engagement session. They were super light to hold and crisp and clear as ever! The bag is from Ona and the Strap is from Bloom Theory..I am super excited for my new group of friends to join my sessions 😉