Saxophone Practice~

Anytime I make him breakfast I continue to March or Dance behind the counter while he eats. Straight across from Him..Goofy moves. Goofy Faces the whole works.

He’s 14. He wants to laugh I can tell, but then how cool would you be if you let your mom know she’s cracking you up??

I think every 14 year old boy needs to remember that they are just that 14! It’s o.k. to be goofy instead of Cool. It’s o.k. to laugh at your mom and her laugh at you!  It’s a rough through those teen years..  being a kid and yet expected to start acting like an adult.

Today while he was practicing his Saxaphone and getting ready for his Marching Band practice I came down the stairs Marching. Knees High. Awkward. And Slow so I didn’t biff it on the way down. By the time I reached the end of the stairs he gave in. That 14 year old teenager couldn’t hold back and started to laugh. His words exactly…” Mom! HAHAHA…that’s not even how you do it! ”

I love these days. I treasure them. I remember when I was 14. I remember when I wanted to still act like a kid but my grouchy teenager attitude started kicking in and I thought moms and dads didn’t know anything. I remember I was always dancing and always being goofy. My mom encouraged it. She would join in and laugh or record me on those old fashioned VHS Camcorders. I love those memories. I love that she let me just be me. I guess thats why I’m 43 and still marching down the stairs..haha.

I had a million things I needed to get done this morning and actually I needed to be out of town. But, what’s more important than this day and these memories.

Nothing, it can all wait…. Being 14 can’t.






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