~Lily Lake~


There’s Just something about Sundays that always makes me feel a little nostalgic..I either want to curl up on my bed and write, read or go out and explore. It’s like I get that little girl feeling I used to have when my mom would send me to my room and I became creative to pass the time.. Except, now I do it grown up style.

One of my favorite things to do is get outside..preferably the Mountains.

Now living in a new area, I feel like I am lost. Not in such a bad way, but in a sense of I don’t know where I’m at, what I like, or where to go. I guess I feel a little out of sorts. New people. New Places. Unknown Surroundings.

I’m trying to embrace it without freaking out.. because although I like adventure  I really hate not having control of my situation ( I’m a control freak ).

I dislike the fact that I can’t just say ” hey lets pack up and go to Lily Lake today its a great place for___ … it will take us exactly ____ to get there and you will love the ____…..etc

Life lessons…I’m 43 and still learning them.



New ideas.

New Firsts.

New Roads.

Letting go of the old.

Moving one step at a time….

**Photos** A gorgeous little lake named ” Lily Lake”. It’s about 10 minutes outside of Estes park. The view is beautiful. The trail is small, it goes only around the lake. Families like to stroll here. A sweet older couple were viewing the lake from a wooden bench tucked in the trees. One guy thoroughly enjoyed his fishing. There’s Geese, Squirrels, Birds and tons of beautiful wild flowers.

Devyn and I strayed off the path because I always have to  see what I might be missing out on…LOOK at These gorgeous views of the valley just over the hill! I set the camera up to get photos of us together. I think it’s been about 4 years since we did a little hike together. Devyn likes to hold the camera and insisted he take my picture on the way back. He picked all my flowers. Told me to give him my Biggest Smiles. ( I lol at that)!

He started to hum the church songs we sang earlier in the day as he ventured off with my camera for a bit. I just sat on the bench and watched him..growing up..becoming an awesome young man.. and helping me realize a 14 year old can show a 43 year old how to just Live For the Moment.



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