I’m No Scout Leader….

Why have we waited so long to do a Scavenger hunt? My youngest child, Devyn (we call him D) loves nothing more than to be a scout. He attends scouts when mom remembers the meetings and on the in-between-days when we are actually on a set schedule and not traveling. He’s the one that goes adorned in the whole Scout Shirt, Scarf and complete outfit when he could get by with just his jeans and t-shirt for the weekly get together meeting. D pretty much takes things very seriously and to heart. Yet he can make you laugh for days just having a conversation with him. 

I love the outdoors also. So why haven’t I thought of or been productive enough to put together a Scavenger Hunt before? mmm…probably because I always figured that was what those scout classes are for.. Well, yesterday during church we quietly got out of piece of paper and made a list of God’s creations..Devyn’s eyes lit up when I said “after church lets do a scavenger hunt”…I could see his mind racing! Honestly, I’m surprised the whole scout shirt, scarf, medallion thing wasn’t brought up. 

When we arrived at our location he jumped out of the car, grabbed our box and took off. He was randomly dragging sticks and rocks and leaves as fast as he could. I hated to burst his bubble, but I didn’t drive that whole way to be finished in 1.2 seconds.. I mentioned, “D this is all great and everything but maybe over across the field there’s things we can’t see”. He paused for a moment, and questioned whether or not we wanted to walk that far. lol…”Sure we do, I said,  there’s nothing to hurry home for and besides, you’ll never know unless you try”. Along our walk we discussed our list, we discovered that the Red Berry Bush mom reached up to grab was full of long pointy thorns! The milkweed I remembered finding as a child was cool, but made my fingers stick together, so that running my camera became a chore. Not sure, if the berries we found were edible or poisonous..It was obvious I wasn’t a scout leader! But, I was trying to be a Scouts mom. I think that was all that mattered that day. Sneaking up on the deer, catching our reflection in the muddy puddle and getting rained on. He was so proud. He dragged the large fire stick, box and jar full of water to the car. I Love him!  I loved our adventure together. I loved even more that I made it happen. I stepped out of my comfort zone, out of the house and in to an 11 year old boys world. <3





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