10 years to Bloom


I love to garden…I love to be  alone. in. complete . silence…and sometimes I love to visit, dance and have a fun gathering with friends around the backyard campfire..my yard is my sanctuary and I’ve waited a LONG 10 years to enjoy this moment!

Of course every spring I am excited to groom and manicure a small portion of our sprawling 40 acres.. However, I will admit it takes a grueling 6 weeks in a row to trim and bring back to life my perfect piece of heaven..and unfortunately I find myself wishing I had 1/10 of what lies before me. We call it Schnauzer land. Our adorable 3 Schnauzers own the place. They have a foot trail that leads to the birds that are trying to make their nests in our back yard. I’m not sure there has been a successful batch of birds take flight in 10 years, inspite of our great measures to secure them from theSchnauzers. 

As for my beloved Apple Trees. I planted these roughly 10 years ago. I’ve wagered with myself a few times whether I should chop the poor things down and replace them, or continue to see if they pull through and let me have the glory of saying, I have successful Fruit Trees! Our family has come to a new crossroads this year. Over the years the kids have grown, graduated, married and are moving on now in different directions. Work has changed and My husband and I have struggled with the decision of leaving this magical piece of us behind, or try to hang on to it. There are so many memories, firsts and a lot of love that was put into this place..I struggle with our decision..I have literally planted roots not only in my home here but in my piece of heaven outside. A piece of me is in every corner.  After coming home during a month of our transition in moving I came home to this…

I was in awe. No words can describe my feelings. I go outside each day now, until I leave again, to look and just take it all in. I don’t want to pick them. I want to bask in all their Glory. I  want them to last forever! But deep down I know they will let go of all their beauty and it will be time for me to clean it up and move on. 

I think a part of me realizes that they in turn are letting me go. That I have successfully planted and accomplished all that I can here. That all the beauty, memories, stories and firsts may have come to an end. But only in this place.  Perhaps it is time for me to start over somewhere new. Do it all again. Plant my roots and watch them grow.  <3






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