The little comforts

This morning as I sit at the kitchen table I couldn’t help but realize how comfortable I felt. The smells, the lighting the daily routine that all is well and today is a new day. I can hear the family getting ready to go about their ways… I don’t generally make breakfast. If you know me you will know that I’m not a cook..not even a toasted waffle. I can’t seem to muster up the strength it takes to cook or even plan on something to cook. For some reason this talent or probably normal part of life has skipped me. I could clean your house for days but if you ask me to cook it’s just not happening…and after 21 years of marriage it still doesn’t look promising..So on this rare day, I find comfort in knowing there are some “out of the box” yet yummy, warm and beautiful muffins waiting for the family. 7Z6A6782

With My Pecan Belgium Waffle Candle and the warm glow of the morning. I realize..Maybe I should cook more..then I realize..I’ve said this before. Today, I’m just enjoying the moment. The Smells. The goodness that all is well. It’s the small comforts.



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